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Pastor, church planter, communicator, missionary, missiologist and author Dwight Smith has lived a full life.  But the salient concept that has taken shape throughout his years of ministry is saturation church planting.  Many missionaries and ministries today are embracing the concept.  But what exactly is saturation church planting and where did it come from?  These books unpack the concepts and convictions of his life in cooperation with God on this mission.

We have made a number of resources available to you free of charge and recommend that you begin by first reading Renovation: Divine Design in the Life of the Church and secondly, The Journey: A coaching Manual for Church Leadership Teams.

For additional resources in English, 


In recent years the church has forgotten the conviction of thousands of Christ followers, across two thousand years, who gave themselves to completing the last sending command of Jesus: “In your going, make disciples of all the peoples of the world” (Matt. 28:19). Instead, in an effort to draw people to Christ, much of the Western church today has sought to become relevant through golden-tongued leaders, star-quality worship bands, large-scale buildings, and myriad social programs. God is on a mission to redeem lost men and women to Himself and restore them to relationship with and representation of Him, and we, the already redeemed ones, are servants in this mission. The primary need of the church in our day is not relevancy; rather, it is to provide people accessibility to the gospel through our day-to-day lives. God’s ultimate design for the church is simply for every member of Christ’s church to live the gospel in whatever places God calls us, thus saturating every home, workplace, community, city, and nation with the gospel message through the people of God.


The Journey

Maturing a body of Christians so that they live the Gospel and tell the Gospel, is never easy. Seeing this then multiply across the face of a geography until every man, woman and child has had the opportunity to be reconciled to God, is even more challenging. Both challenges take time, focus and a pathway to walk that has proven to be effective.

The Journey is a 25 year old pathway that we have used in multiple nations around the world and in thousands of local church contexts. It is not a strategy as much as it is a guide that leads churches down a pathway of thinking, learning and acting in ways that will be appropriate to their context. The Journey helps to produce a clear direction in alignment with God’s movement in a region.

The results that we have seen are that local churches mobilize themselves in maturing believers, adding new believers, multiplying local churches, and, ultimately inspiring and cooperating with other like minded churches to fully evangelize their neighborhood, region, state and nation.

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